Uncover the invisible in Zagreb

Invisible Zagreb is the first free educational tour in Croatia led by former and current homeless people. With our unconventional approach we offer you an opportunity to get informed about extreme poverty and to contribute in tackling the problem. See Zagreb through different eyes and find out how to survive on its streets. The project is non-profit and based on voluntary donations.


Meeting point:

Main Railway Station (Glavni kolodvor)

Learn about life on the streets of Zagreb through personal experiences of Mr Mile Mrvalj
on authentic locations around the Main Railway Station.




17:00 - 18:30

Your guide

Bivši beskućnik, 3 godine bio beskućnik, iz Sarajeva, 58 godina.

Imao likovnu galeriju, kredit - bankrotirao.

Prvi beskućnik u RH koji je dobio osobnu iskaznicu. Prije 4 godine osnovao udrugu Fajter za pomoć beskućnicima.


A former art gallery owner and one of the most active members of the homeless community in Croatia, 58-year old Mile has many stories to tell. He spent three years on the streets and four years ago started an association called Fajter (Fighter) that is working to raise awareness of homelessness and issues related to it. Open-minded, eloquent and a true fighter himself, Mile will readily answer all of your questions and his stories are sure to make you smile or shed a few tears.

Invisible Zagreb u medijima

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